Christmas in November

16 11 2004
Actually, it’s tomorrow. That’s right. Tomorrow it’s Christmas, and my
birthday, and New Year, and Thanksgiving and whatever other holiday or
celebration comes in the near future, as my combined present for those should be
delivered tomorrow.

I’m pretty excited and nervous. Excited because
I love technology. Nervous because we’ve had a series of bad experiences lately
with a few smaller purchases (some DOA and other quality control issues).
Saturday night I finally bit the bullet. I had been keeping an eye on the
market more than long enough, weighed pros & cons too many times, often
swung back & forth in favor of buying it or not; that I needed a way out to
stop the agonizing. The only way out was to buy the darn thing, which I did on
Sunday. Now I just have to sit and wait for UPS to swing by.

highly doubt it’ll be gift wrapped, but I may just do that when it gets here and
wait till later at night to open it by a glass of champagne.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow it’s Christmas day 😉




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