Time flies

20 07 2007

Yes, we are still alive and well. Incl. cats, gerbils, fish and mice 🙂

In the mix of all the things I have been tending to, some distractions and some personal reasons – I haven’t focused on the site. I keep thinking: next month iBlog 2 will be out and I can do a new design then, update the whole site and get a fresh start. But, despite many hours & days of helping with iBlog 2, it is not ready yet for prime time. There are a couple things I want that iBlog 2 doesn’t support yet. Hopefully those are implemented soon.

Osprey flying overhead

I also have the new JAlbum, to bring you some new and exciting images from our neck of the woods. Our photo library keeps growing and I really need to share some images. Plus, I’m moving my blog back from my mobile to my desktop as the notebook has been in the closet or bag 99% of the time. And, actually, there is a faster notebook in the wings :)And no, I’m not talking about the iPhone. If Apple allowed 3rd party apps, blogging from the iPhone would be superb. I’m up for that. So, as soon as I get some bits and bytes in order, I’ll be updating again.




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