Acer Aspire 5570Z vs Vista SP1

22 03 2008

The first attempt failed two days ago without error messages or explanation. The Windows Vista SP 1 upgrade went fine all the way through Step 3 100%. Then reverted.
Armed with the knowledge that the display driver is incompatible with Vista SP1, I updated the display driver successfully and made another attempt.

Now after Step 3 100% it complains that the “installation was not successful”

“Windows Service Pack 1 was not installed on your computer. Error code 0X800F0826. See for details.

Ok. At least we get an error message this time.

The error box links through to: – Error message when you try to install Vista SP1 “Installation was not successful” or “An internal error occurred …” and gives some recommendations:

1. Restart and try again. Really?

2. Check your hard drives for errors.

3. Run system file checker tool.

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and was unable to repair some of them. Details are included in the CBS.Log – C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log

Not bad, if it weren’t that the file is 148626 lines long.

4. Run Vista Memory Diagnostic tool.

Error: “Windows cannot check for memory problems” – ” A Problem is preventing Windows from checking for memory problems during startup. Try to check for problems again by running the tool manually. ”

Isn’t life great. Another useless MS error box.

5. Restart and close any applications that may be running.

Another attempt, despite the corrupt files and memory problems (which never have been diagnosed nor an issue before) did result in the same problem.

Interestingly there is a Windows Update error 800f0826 Windows Help article:

suggesting to look at the update history and trying to resolve the individual update error(s).




2 responses

4 04 2008

It seems you have gotten another comrad, my friend!!!
My notebook is HYPERSONIC AMD 3700 ATI Radeon Mobility 9600 and running legally (for the first time in my life) f….. Vista cause I have to…
There is no so many people who got opportunity to obtain a “problem that prevents something to check for problems…” This is really amazing!!!

Even though I must admit my notebook works better and faster then before this attempt.

And, did you (as I did it) turned off many unnecessay things from registry and those anoying options to confirm everything at least twice?!?!?!
If you find solution would you be friend and share it with me, please?!?!

This notebook works well under SuSe Linux 10.3 (dual boot with GRUB) so I could not believe there is a problem with memory or anything else.

Thanks in advance,

Good luck

8 01 2009

J’ai le meme soucie sur vista :s je commence a menerver sa me soule

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