Toshiba Satellite U305 vs Windows Vista SP1 catch 22

22 03 2008

The first time I tried the installation, using the standalone downloadable installer, it went all the way through to step 2. Then crashed upon reboot with a blue screen of death (BSOD), was unable to repair the startup problem, but was finally able to do a system restore.

My two conversations with Toshiba Technical Support were of no help in identifying the problem I experienced, other than that in the mean time I figured it out on my own. Or, I should say, at least figured out one part of the equasion, namely that the display driver on this machine is not Windows Vista SP1 compatible.

The Intel 965 Express driver on the Toshiba Satellite U305-S2804 is v

This versions fits right into the beginning of the range and that is incompatible according to Microsoft (

But, there has to be a newer driver out, right?

Using the “Update driver” feature within the device driver window, Vista kindly alerts me that my driver is up to date. Of course this is not surprising me when in the mean time I already looked up that Intel has released several newer versions and is currently at v (

A quick download later, the Intel driver installation alerts me that this driver is not certified for my machine and that I should download the latest version from the manufacturer. Mmmm.
Back at Toshiba there is nary a download for the U305. Through a chipset search I find that the latest driver predates my machine’s purchase and matches v

So, no SP1 love right now for this Toshiba notebook.

And, of course I have to be the first and only one at this point in time who can’t install SP1 on this particular machine. What are the odds?

Update: Toshiba is bumping me to level 3 tech support, advanced engineering since it is a driver/firmware issue and their department will be giving me a call back in the beginning of next week.




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9 04 2008

Did you find an answer?

11 04 2008

I have the same Intel 965 on a new Toshiba and I, like Nigel, am wondering if you have found an answer. Has “level 3 tech support, advanced engineering” been responsive or ignorant towards resolving this certainly common issue which doubtless is shared among a great deal of us Toshiba owners? I’m guessing “their department” has been less than timely in giving you “a call back” or you would have already let us know. Thanks.

14 04 2008

I have the same computer, and have experienced the same exact problems (obviously). I was just wondering if you got any further with this issue?

14 04 2008

Unfortunately I have not found nor received an answer yet.
Level 3 tech support did not call me or leave a voice message.

I was on the road last week and plan to follow up on this with Toshiba this week.

16 04 2008

Hi –

Your blog entry completely describes my morning so far, only in a much more coherent and logical way. I too have a tosh U305, & am not offered vista sp1 and can’t update 965 driver(s). Am looking forward to results of your encounter with Toshiba level 3 engineers. Good luck.

16 04 2008

No real news yet.

Called Toshiba back today. Spent most of a half hour on hold to be transfered between departments. Level 3 actually wants me to speak with somebody in “ATS” … where of course nobody was available to answer the phone.

I was given a service request number with a guaranteed call back today.

While I was on hold for the transfers, I saw the downloadable Intel driver at Toshiba is still the same old one (thus incompatible).

Still no sign of a KB, FAQ or SB regarding Vista SP1 updates.

I will report back as soon as I have more news.

16 04 2008

I just received the call back. Very friendly engineer who had been out of the country for a big project the past few weeks. ( I guess he doesn’t have an assistant to fill in while he is away. )

We discussed the issue and confirmed what I mentioned above about the intel driver. He will pass this on to his team for investigation and resolution.

In a few days he will call back with a status update.

17 04 2008

Apparently you *were* “the first and only one at this point in time who can’t install SP1 on this particular machine” because it seems that the ATS engineer’s team efforts are just now getting underway since, and largely as a result of your concerns. Thanks – again! As for “What are the odds?” it appears from the growth of just these comments here that those odds are getting tighter…starting to look like *you(we)’re* not alone. I’m anxious to find out more of your progress when and as you post it. How does that old saying go…that “Courage Loves Company”? Well, something like that…

17 04 2008

I indeed may actually have been #1 pointing this out, as hard as that seems to believe when you consider that there are a large number of machines out there with similar specs and that even for just the U305 surely some Toshiba people are using them as well. Aren’t any of those staff members trying to update the OS?

I actually had three conversations with Gordon at ATS yesterday, and overall I am impressed with the approachability and acknowledgement. There really seemed a direct follow up.

1) Initial call back, acknowledgement of my problem and findings
2) Call back, half hour later, where it looked like I might have misconnected the dots and looked at the wrong specs and that there actually would be no updated driver from Intel for the chipset (meaning that Intel is on the hook to fix this for all manufacturers using that particular chipset). I said I would look at in the next few minutes.
3) Call from me, 15 min later, re-confirming my machine’s specs based on the PDF for the machine’s model # and sharing of paths to said pdf spec & Intel documentation. (both the Toshiba & Intel sites can throw you for a loop, even when you know what you want to find)

Apparently conversation #2 was caused by some issue with the Toshiba DB, where the parts # on my machine shows a different chipset … I’m hoping we all have the right parts in our notebooks !

The answer in call #3 was honestly that it is a pretty major issue as this affects not only us U305 owners – which I suspected – but several Toshiba models that share the same technology.

What may have so far held back a wave of update problems and held this under the radar at Toshiba is that the Vista SP 1 update hasn’t showed up automatically on many (most?) systems and maybe the majority of geeks aren’t using Toshiba systems?

Gordon said he would update me when there is news. He really seemed a go-to guy with his head in the right place and the right connections to get the wheels in motion to resolve this. None of the common, we’ll pass it on to so and so and you wait and see. More of actually taking charge of it and following through.

So, we’ll see.

21 04 2008

Have you guys thought about downgrading to the other driver offered by Toshiba for the U305 ( ? It falls out of the Vista SP1 incompatible range.

please let me know if anybody has done this.

21 04 2008

That’s a very good thought!

I’ve never downgraded a working driver on an existing machine. Might be worth a shot. I would advise to check the version history on the driver though. I don’t think anything drastic would go wrong, but you never know.

Personally I’m going to wait till I hear back from Gordon at ATS.

24 04 2008

Go ahead and downgrade to the earlier display driver. I did on my U300 and have installed SP 1 with no issues. I, too, have gone through this same scenario and was able to update my drivers to suit SP 1 (except the aforementioned) and install it. Also called Toshiba about the display driver and they are supposed to call me back also. I am not optimistic though.

28 04 2008

After installing SP1 did you try to re-install the 1329 driver from toshiba’s website?

28 04 2008

Yes, won’t work.

1 05 2008

I’ve read all your blogs regarding issue and would like to help out….I’ll keep you posted….icerabbit can you please email me so I can give some items that I will be able to find from the web….

can you try this link from intel…..
this is the most latest driver from intel but I’m not sure of your vista versions
I just chose Home Premium
maybe this can help out*+Home+Premium%2C+32-bit+version&lang=eng&strOSs=153&submit=Go%21

if you want to chose a different vista version here is the link

6 05 2008

I left a voice message with Gordon last week (Monday, I think) to hear if there was any news for us. Didn’t hear anything back, so, just gave him another call to see if I could touch base with him. Had to leave a voice mail.

Hopefully we’ll get some news in upcoming days.

6 05 2008


The issue is the drivers downloaded from Intel is that they will not install on the U305. The installation is halted / aborted with the error that we have to get a driver that is certified by the manufacturer (Toshiba) … and so far Toshiba has not released it.

6 05 2008

I just spoke with Gordon @ Toshiba.

Unfortunately still no news regarding Intel drivers. He guarantees the right people are aware of the issue. Unfortunately nobody outside of that team knows when we might anticipate the Toshiba certified version. Could be today, tomorrow, in a few weeks, …

I honestly thought that by now we would have the driver or some news about it given that it affects a whole range of systems and thus should have some priority.

Guess we have to exercise a bit more patience. :-/

9 05 2008

I have been following this thread. Thanks for continuing to update us.

FYI I downloaded the full SP1 update package and it installed with no problem.

9 05 2008

Interesting, Nigel, as that’s how I tried to update my U305.

Question: which version is your video driver?

Maybe MS quietly fixed something and I ought to try downloading the updater again?

20 05 2008

5/20: Still no display driver update from Toshiba.

This lack of response from Toshiba is turning into a pretty disappointing experience and I am not even going to guess how many laptop models use the Intel 965 Express chipset.

How much resources does it take to certify a driver that Intel already released?

22 05 2008

There is a workaround for this, but its a bit technical. Download the .zip version of the update from the intel site(not the .exe). Unzip (I used the default folder ) with winrar, winzip, or other. Then:
1. Click “Start” then right click on “Computer” button and then choose Manage.
2. (Vista Users) Permit the User Account Control to run by selecting the “continue” button. When the Computer Management window opens select the “device manager” icon.
3. Select “Display adapters” then Double click on the graphics controller shown.
4. Click on “driver” tab and select “Update Driver”.
5. Select the following option: “Browse my computer for driver software”.
6. Select the following option: “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.
7. Click on the “Have Disk…” button and then the “Browse” button.
8. Enter the directory where you unzipped the file you downloaded, and then enter the “Graphics” subdirectory. Locate and highlight the “kit13330.INF” (if 32-bit), (I’m not sure but I think its “kit1333064.INF” for 64-bit , if not, it’ll be the only .inf file located within the Graphics subdirectory). Click on the “Open” button.
9. Click on the “OK” button. A window listing all of the available display types should open. Select the display adapter that your system contains and then click on the “Next” button.
10. Click on the “Next” button. The operating system will install the driver. Click on the “Finish” button when done.
11. Click on the “Close” button and then click on the “Yes” button to reboot. The driver should now be loaded.

23 05 2008

Sorry for the delay in responding. My Intel display driver is

Wondering if I should update it using the technique posted above…

27 05 2008

The above method works described by Adhnarth works to update the display driver. Tried installing the standalone Vista SP1 upgrade and 1 hour and 10 minutes later I am looking at my desktop with a dialog box: “Installation was successful. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is now installed on your computer.”

28 05 2008
Gary R

I also used the above method by Adhnarth. It worked just fine to update the Intel display driver. After a couple of reboots for some other disk cleaning tasks, I ran Windows Update. It picked up the SP1 update, so I disabled Norton Internet Security (5 hour option; I’m behind a firewall) and installed the smaller update package without any problems. Then I re-enabled the Norton program. Everything is working fine.

28 05 2008

I was also able to use Adhnarth’s method to update the display driver. After some other housecleaning tasks and a couple of reboots, I ran Windows Update and SP1 was available. I temporarily disabled Norton Internet Security (for 5 hours; I’m behind a good firewall). Then, I let Windows Update download and install the shorter version of the SP1 update. After all was installed and rebooted, I turned Norton back on. Everything is working great!

30 05 2008

Two notes here guys.
Firstly, you can vary this method for any device on your PC be it display, modem, sound card, etc. with which you have a similar error – contact your PC manufacturer for the updated driver.
Secondly,The reason this method was made this complicated (by Microsoft / Intel / “insert hardware manufacturer name here”) is because, their thinking is that if you can actually figure out to do it by yourself, you have enough knowledge to fix any problems you encounter after forcing the driver install. (Hence Intel’s disclaimer “This file is intended for use by Developers.” Meaning, you’re on your own bub.)
Now, after saying that, if you read any release note from any hardware manufacturer’s site (including Intel) about their driver update, be it the general consumer version or the version for developers, it basically says, you’re on you own bub.

30 05 2008


Hereby a personal thank you for the solution you presented on my tiny blog, forgot to do that in my excitement the other day.

The method you described is similar to the old manual way of updating drivers pre Vista. I wasn’t aware or didn’t investigate trying this route because I thought MS / Intel had closed the door on that one … that every driver had to be machine certified. Fortunately there is still room for tinkering, which you showed us. Again many thanks for your contribution and working solution.

19 07 2008
Pieter Bosch

I have the same problem. I also have the Toshiba Satellite and my laptop crashed after installing the SP1 update of Vista. After starting up again I became a blue screen. My laptop was starting up and closing down automaticaly the whole day long. There was only one solution: format c and reinstall Vista, but without SP1 update, and I also ignored the SP1 update (hide option). Now my pc is working fine, but I will not update to Sp1 until I’ll find a good solution for it somewere on the internet.
Greetings from Holland. Pieter

26 10 2008


I am a technical neophyte, is there any solution that is less complicated then the one you describe? When told that I am on my own, it totally frightens me. Does anyone believe that Toshiba will come out with a fix that will be easy enough for the thousands of casual users or non-developers like me?

1 11 2008

Shoot. I thought I had found my answer when I stumbled on this blog. Now I’m not sure. I have a Toshiba laptop, Graphics support is Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset. I installed Sp1, and my video stuff for Aver Media Center stopped working. I get a “green” screen in the digital TV tuner. Windows wonderful problem solver says I need an updated Intel Video Driver.

I have igdumd32.dll – igdkmn32.sys 9/13/2007.

Intel points me to : Version 10/11/2008.
I download it – but it won’t install. It does not support this chipset.
What! The Intel index got me there, but it won’t let me put it in.

I’d like to use the workaround, but I don’t have anything to unzip. The Intel download is an executable. If there’s something unzipped – I dunno where it put it.

Sorry about this – but thanks for any help.

17 12 2008

OK, the saga continues.
The Avermedia worked just fine in Windows Vsita.
I installed SP1 – and it began crashing the Intel Driver.
It worked a bit, stopped, restarted, worked, etc.
So – I manually installed the latest Intel Driver – Version 10/11/2008
Now, the driver no longer fails, but AverMedia Center gets a permanent Green Screen on digital. Everything else works fine.

HELP out there?

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